Cirba Solutions Invests $300M into EV Battery Recycling Facility

Cirba Solutions Invests $300M into EV Battery Recycling Facility

Cirba Solutions, a battery materials and management company for end-of-life batteries and gigafactory scrap, recently announced a phase I investment of more than $300 million into a lithium-ion EV battery recycling facility in South Carolina. Further, the company intends to invest over $1 billion over the next five years to expand the infrastructure required to meet the growing demand for critical materials needed for EV batteries.

Cirba Solutions North American Presence

The battery materials and management company currently operates seven facilities in North America, and has recently opened its eighth facility. The new facility is located in the US ‘Battery Belt’, an area where over 15 new lithium-ion battery gigafactories or expansions have been announced since 2021, spanning from Michigan to Georgia. The facility focuses on processing end-of-life hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, gigafactory scrap, and end-of-life consumer batteries to extract critical materials such as nickel, cobalt, and lithium. These metals are crucial for supporting the domestic lithium-ion battery supply chain and providing enough premium recycled, battery-grade materials to power over 500,000 EV batteries every year.

Operations in South Carolina

Located in Richland County, near Columbia South Carolina, the campus covers an area of 200 acres. The project is set to create over 300 job opportunities in the region. A Groundbreaking ceremony will take place later this year. With expected operations in late 2024.

“South Carolina has worked hard to create a business environment where the electric vehicle industry can thrive, and with announcements like this, it is most certainly paying off. We are proud to have Cirba Solutions as a partner as we continue to grow our already booming electric vehicle industry,” said South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

Cirba Solutions’ recently established facility will serve not only as a processing center but as an educational and professional training center. The company intends to disseminate its knowledge to the community by showcasing processing technology for end-of-life batteries. Including, prioritizing clean energy and employing sustainable operational practices in processing these materials.

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